Pyxis Mobile makes sense of the MEAP

If you’re a company looking to remain relevant in today’s economy, you need to create a mobile application that allows people to buy your stuff from their iPhone or BlackBerry. Problem is, building mobile apps is a major time suck that costs a fortune, and many of the organizations that try often regret it later.

Pyxis Mobile is a Boston-based company that’s a major player in the mobile enterprise application platform business. Known in the biz as MEAPs, these software solutions allow companies to rapidly build and deploy rich, easy to use applications that work on all the different smart phones currently on the market. The Pyxis Mobile MEAP is a technology foundation that vastly simplifies app development, transforming it ¬†from a IT nightmare into a fixed, manageable cost that can be handled by administrators rather than developers.

Pyxis is a rising star in the MEAP market, and I worked with the company to create a series of white papers that make a strong, compelling case for enterprise mobility, clearly illustrate the benefits of the Pyxis solution, and position the company as a thought leader in the enterprise mobility space.

Click here to download the full Pyxis Mobile enterprise mobility white paper (.pdf) or read excerpts below.

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