Rural transit, simplified

Don’t spend much time thinking about rural transit? If you ran a bus line in small town America you just might, in which case you’d feel lots of love for RTAP. The National Rural Transit Assistance Program helps bus, train, and other transit providers improve their operations, which allows them get more people where they need to be.

As a government-funded organization with multiple target audiences and a complex mission, RTAP isn’t exactly easy to understand – even among its partners and customers – and the organization needed a way to  alleviate this confusion. Working with kor group, I developed a brand that does just that. Using internal focus groups, external interviews, and competitive analysis as our guide, we built a messaging platform for RTAP that focuses in on three key strengths: technology leadership, fostering community, and a willingness to work locally, regionally, and nationally. This brand was the foundation for a refreshed logo, content and design for a new capabilities brochure, email communications, and trade show materials.


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