Creating a design for life

Hoping that sometime around your 80th birthday you’ll get packed away to a nursing home? Neither am I, which is why I’m really glad to have met Andie Day. Andie is more than just your average interior designer. She’s built her business around Aging in Place, a philosophy that says homes should evolve with the people who live in them –  whether they’re starting families, enjoying retirement, or dealing with the limitations that come with age. It’s an approach that’s won her extensive media coverage and made her a sought-after public speaker.

I worked with Andie to develop content and messaging for a new website that showcases her capabilities and unique approach. It’s structured around five key areas: Knot, Nest, Empty Nest, Lifestyle, and Entertain, and it uses quiet, understated content to keep the focus on the site’s stunning imagery. Andie is committed to designing livable homes for every stage of life, and her new website shares that story in a language everyone can understand

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